Translation of a sales brochure on herbal supplements   Translation of a report on information systems
"Thank you Debbie for yet another great job! The Kario brochure is really well-written and I can see that you’ve spent a lot of time on it as usual. If this doesn’t sell the product then I don't know what will!"
"Debbie - I thought you would like to know that I have now received approval from the client on this project, and been thanked for an excellent job, to boot. Many thanks for your contribution to this. It was a great help, and I'm glad that you turned out to be available at this time."
  - David Jarvis, ACCENTS Langues & Communication,
Belley, France
  - Meaning of Words, UK
  French-English Specialised Translation module
MA in Applied Translation Studies, University of Leeds
  "Getting started as a freelance translator"
Talk at the University of Leeds, 2010
"I found Debbie's classes informative, engaging and thoroughly absorbing. Debbie was adept at selecting diverse - and often highly technical - texts that reflected real-life translation challenges, and she offered knowledgeable opinions on possible solutions. Debbie has the ability to explain complex concepts clearly and her classes were an enjoyable environment in which to discuss apposite translation possibilities with fellow linguists."
"I just want to say "Merci beaucoup" to Debbie for such a fascinating and informative talk about how to become a freelance translator. Not only did it give a great insight into the reality of what the job entails (purchasing the correct software, meeting deadlines, invoicing, filling in tax returns etc.), but the advice she gave speaking from her own experience was invaluable, and her enthusiasm for the profession was really inspiring. I am currently working as a project manager in the translation industry but Debbie has convinced me to seriously think about going freelance myself."
  - Francesca Gatenby, Professional Freelance Translator: French and German into English   - Cheryl Stanton